What I’m Listening To: Perfect Ruin by Kwabs

http://kwabsmusic.com/ This song truly moves me. Kwabs released a new single with the announcement of his debut full length album Love + War. If you read my Favourites of 2014 you’ll know that I’m a big fan and he’s due for a full length very soon. A line in his new single “Perfect Ruin” perfectly sums up how I feel about it: “it moves me.” This track hits me in the heart so well I don’t even want to call it fire. It’s more than fire. The song soars above it all sending a chill down my spine. Kwabs’s gospel … Continue reading What I’m Listening To: Perfect Ruin by Kwabs

Lee’s Favourites of 2014

After a great 2014 this month has built some real excitement for 2015 and things to come, but it’s always fun to look back on what brought us here – so here we are. I’m more the type for an album than a single, so let’s start with some of my favourite albums of 2014. Favourite Albums of 2014 Temples – Sun Structures Beck – Morning Phase Royal Blood – Royal Blood Hozier – Hozier TV On The Radio – Seeds DFA1979 would be on there, but as Rich already listed their album I’ve gone with their British twin, Royal … Continue reading Lee’s Favourites of 2014

Christian’s Favourites of 2014

2014 was a strange but excellent year. Lots of travel and new music and friends, and many changes. Highlights included bringing in the new year at The Woodford Festival in Australia, where I heard so much incredible music and experienced their life changing Fire Event / Closing Ceremony on Jan 1st; Folk Alliance International in Kansas City, with even more incredible music and a keynote by Al Gore; crazy week at SXSW in Austin, where I had my mind blown apart at Bill Bragin’s globalFEST showcase… and that was just the first 3 months of the year. Best 3 Albums … Continue reading Christian’s Favourites of 2014

Adam’s Favourites of 2014

2014 – so much good music, so how do you narrow it down? I’m just breaking it down to the stuff I could always put on no matter when/where. Those albums where you’re scrolling through your library of a billion songs and don’t feel like listening to any of ’em, and they’re there as your go-to. My Favourite Songs: Majid Jordan – “A Place Like This” I’m not a big R&B fan, but for some reason, this track sticks. Courtney Barnett – “History Eraser” Tove Lo – “Habits – Hippie Sabotage Remix” It’s weird to hear your 7 and 3 … Continue reading Adam’s Favourites of 2014

Karthik’s Favourites of 2014

Holla ‘atcha boi, it’s Karthik from The Eggplant Stereo. 2014 was definitely a busy but exceptional year for myself and so for all the new music that I discovered! Anywho… here’s my top picks of 2014 (in no particular order) Top 5 Songs Kwabs – “Something Right” Bastille – “Oblivion” Childish Gambino – “Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)” Drake – “6 God” Catherine Di Clemente – “Shame” Catherine is a close friend of mine but – bias aside – I think this is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year. The songwriting sends shivers down … Continue reading Karthik’s Favourites of 2014

Rich’s Favourites of 2014

Here at The Eggplant Stereo, we’ve wrapped up a great 2014 and are gearing up for an exciting year ahead. As part of our new year’s resolution to push forward into the world of blogging, we’ll be coming to you with all our favourite songs, albums, and shows that we experienced in 2014. First up is music supervisor, Rich Brisson: 2014 is out of here and how lucky were we to have such a cool soundtrack to the year. These were the songs and artists I had on repeat last year. These tracks and albums stood out for me the most and topped … Continue reading Rich’s Favourites of 2014